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It started out as just another writers group meeting until a lady with stringy, wild hair and feral eyes started ranting and raving about how much she hated the group. She went on to talk about a screenplay “some guy”had shared a few weeks earlier, describing it as being “from out in left field.” I guess she didn’t realize that same guy was sitting beside her. Thanks for the name.
Boy wizards, teenage vampires, and dragons are all fine; however, there is something else that has inspired great stories through the ages.

Amusing and frightening, tragic and awe-inspiring, mankind is the greatest subject any writer can pursue. There’s no need to go outside our own sphere of existence to find an¬†interesting story. As the mysteries of the universe unfold, we only find increasing perplexity among ourselves. Whether it’s the mayor who made a terrible mistake or the bitter young man who is at odds with the world and himself, they are among the many voices that continue to haunt and inspire me.