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Publication Date: October 11th, 2012
Wayne Peterson hates everything.  Politicians, women, bad drivers, and even family and friends are on the young man’s hit list.  Half Empty follows Wayne as he struggles to find happiness in a world that seems to be growing increasingly unbearable as the years go by.

His journey of cynicism starts in Pleasanton, Virginia where, after a chance encounter with a former middle school teacher, Wayne becomes enthralled in a wild scheme with a local masseuse to defraud the teacher who continues to torment him.  Chaos results and disappointment only follows the embittered young man as he flees to L.A. in pursuit of stardom as the next stand-up comedy sensation.   The array of misfits and misadventures in sunny California isn’t enough to keep Wayne on the glorious Pacific Coast and he eventually returns to Pleasanton where good and bad tidings await.

When the chance for love finally comes his way, will Wayne make the right decision that will change his life forever or will he continue to be a spiteful, resentful world hater?  With its share of laughter and sorrow, Half Empty shows the true products of a pessimistic mind.


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