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Publication Date: October 11th, 2012
It is the future and the world has been ravaged by bloodshed and wars.  After the dust settled, two lascivious visionaries paved the way for Planet Red, a world of never-ending pleasure, at least for some.

Rupert is a young man who is approaching his eighteenth year, a time when all males must become official citizens by performing the ultimate act and having their virgin seals removed.  He is plagued, however, by an overwhelming anxiety that prevents him from assimilating with the world around him.  After his virile friend Dave comes into some trouble of his own, they go on an adventure in hopes of finding the solution to their dilemmas.  Their destination:  the capital city of Erosmos.  Rupert must maintain his sanity if he is to help himself, his friend, and a young lady who stands out from all the rest.  He won’t find that easy in a world where the government is in constant search for citizens to convert into sexless workers, where women are physically altered for perfection and conditioned to never refuse a male, and where secret revolutionary groups, like the Purists, lie in wait, ready to strike at any time.

A provocative story that holds no punches, Planet Red thoughtfully explores the possibilities of what such a world would bring.  Sometimes outrageous, sometimes frightening, but always eye-opening, this is a stunning portrait of mankind gone mad.


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